Individual. Flexible. Combinable.

Our energy services for optimisation


In order to optimise your energy logistics in line with your specific situation and business requirements, we offer various solutions that we adapt continually and dynamically to the challenges of the energy market and the energy transition. These solutions can be flexibly combined and tailored to your individual needs. We would be happy to visit you at your site to present our services:

e-loops capacity management –
precise bookings for lower transport costs

With e-loops, you can optimise your capacity bookings and thus reduce your transport costs – naturally without any risk to your production processes.

Our services:

  • Analysis of your previous capacity bookings and capacity utilisation
  • Identification of dependencies in production
  • Electronic recording of available data
  • Registration with the relevant network operator
  • Daily or intra-day capacity bookings

e-loops supplier management –
broad selection for reduced procurement costs

With e-loops you can benefit from a multi-supplier model for your delivery point and thus reduce your gas procurement costs – with our support you are no longer bound to a fixed provider and therefore do not need a balancing group of your own.

Our services:

  • Independence from supply lines
  • Flexible capacity bookings with free choice of supplier
  • Supplier ranking according to the most favourable price
  • Daily and even hourly nominations and re-nominations, as well as recalculation of the supplier ranking
  • Optimisation potential even with ongoing contracts

e-loops contract management –
efficient use of flexibility

With e-loops, you’ll discover all the potential of your gas supply contract and utilise it efficiently – in an ideal case you can achieve savings without adjusting your production.

Our services:

  • Analysis of the agreed supply contract
  • Evaluation as a competent and impartial partner
  • Identification of existing scope
  • Monetisation of unused potential

e-loops promise:

In order to adapt our offer optimally to your needs and the coming challenges of the energy market and the energy transition, we continue to develop our services permanently and dynamically.